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  • Be sure to store packaged beer in a cool, dark place. (But not too cold – frozen beer takes on a cloudy appearance and shouldn’t be served.) In most cases, beer exposed to high temperatures or direct sunlight will lose its flavour.
  • Draught beer should always be refrigerated. Ideal temperature should be between 1 - 3°C (34-38°F).
  • To avoid the problem of too much foam that can occur from agitation during transit, kegs should remain stationary 24 hours after you receive them. Store draught beer in a refrigerated walk-in cooler or a refrigerated cabinet immediately.
  • Keep coolers running during non-business hours and shut down refrigeration for servicing only.
  • Keep keg storage and dispensing area clean to prevent contaminating draught products.
  • Stock rotation ensures fresh product. A good rule is first in, first out. Drivers do not rotate product.
  • Product date codes list the date the product was brewed. Many domestic brewers use a code with a letter and two numbers. The letter represents the month and the two numbers represent the day of the month.

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