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Plumbing Services in Calgary, AB

In 2009, Brent McQuade started Shift Air with the idea that our team could provide reliable services throughout the Calgary, AB area. At that time, we were too small and too local to be able to bring our experience with plumbing into the residential service market. Now? We’re more than well-equipped enough to provide sensible plumbing solutions to all homeowners that need our help.

Our company is built on the idea that a local and community-oriented business can play a huge role in helping to improve homes in our area. Plumbing systems are complex, from bathrooms and kitchens to gas pipes and main water lines, you need help from a plumbing company that knows what it’s doing. Sign up with us to experience our unique set of plumbing services.

Call us today. Shift Air tests, doesn’t guess!

Calgary, AB Plumbing Installation

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of plumbing installation? Is it the blueprints of a new house being built? Or perhaps it’s the idea of having a whole new plumbing system put in place in an old home where there was none before? Either way, plumbing installation services are absolutely necessary for some homeowners. There’s just no way around this.

You don’t have to panic. We provide sensible pricing for plumbing installations that you need, from main water lines to new construction plumbing. We have certified master plumbers on our team and provide a customer service guarantee to make sure that you get to enjoy quick and reliable plumbing services done by the pros.

Calgary, AB Plumbing Replacement

Plumbing replacement needs are more common than you think here in Calgary, AB. We use our home plumbing systems so much every day that it can be hard for a plumbing system to endure as long as we want them to. Depending on your water source, you can see a whole host of minerals that will wear away the lining of your pipes and start causing a lot of problems that need to be fixed. Sometimes, the most economical and long-term solution is to replace the system itself.

We don’t beat around the bush. Our local plumbers provide targeted plumbing replacements to parts of your home plumbing system that need to be replaced. We don’t do anything that you haven’t asked us for, and our solutions are as affordable as they can be. There’s no sense in replacing a plumbing part that’s doing just fine, right? Call us today to discuss what needs to be replaced in your home or business.

Calgary, AB Plumbing Repair

Have your pipes come in contact with underground tree roots? Or perhaps you’ve got a drain that’s starting to leak or clog too often? Well, you don’t have to bear that burden any longer. We provide plumbing repair services for homeowners and business owners that need our help.

We also provide annual plumbing maintenance services to ensure that you are never surprised by degrading pipes and plumbing systems in disarray. We can thoroughly inspect your plumbing system to confirm that it is working as it should. If it’s not, you’ll be the first to know!

Water Leak Detection

Leaks are one of the most important aspects of good plumbing service. If we couldn’t plug water leaks, then what kind of master plumbers would we be? Call us if you need any water leak detection services. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about a teeny tiny pinhole leak or a gushing main water line that’s been ruptured, we’ve got the tools, training, and expertise to handle the job.

Take advantage of our customer service guarantee and our 24/7 emergency services when you’re in dire need of our water leak detection services.


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