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Calgary, AB Gas Piping Services

Has anyone ever told you that they can install your gas piping in Calgary, AB with a lower price tag than professional plumbers like ours? Maybe it sounds like a good deal, getting gas pipes installed at a fraction of the price that we might install them for. Cheap deals sound great until something goes wrong and you’re left with an unusable gas pipe, an unsafe home, or an even worse situation. That’s why our team prides itself on affordable prices, as well as quality workmanship.

Shift Air has been in business since 2009 because our community really needed access to affordable and effective plumbing solutions. Gas piping services were no exception. It’s not just important for your comfort to have proper gas piping installed, but also for your home’s health and safety. It can be illegal to allow someone without the training and certifications we have to work on your gas pipes.

Shift Air tests, doesn’t guess. Call us for your gas piping needs.


Gas Piping Installation

What constitutes a professional gas piping installation? Well, let us explain. First, we need to ensure that your home is capable of utilizing natural gas in a safe manner. Then, we need to figure out the most effective and efficient way to transport that gas from your municipality to your home’s appliances. This is more complicated than you think.

We utilize the right materials, from copper to PVC, for your home’s gas lines that are installed. We make sure that your natural gas piping is built to last for years to come as you get to enjoy the benefits of a natural gas system. We even work on flexible gas lines that can be an effective and affordable solution for homeowners that need something different than the standard copper pipes. Just call us and let the pros in Calgary, AB handle it from here on out!

Gas Piping Replacement

Aging gas pipes can become dangerous after years of neglect. They’ll start to leak, fall apart, and eventually become fire hazards. That leaking gas is still flammable, and while gas lines aren’t intended to fall apart like that, they can with the right amount of time and pressure. That’s why we offer gas piping replacement services at an affordable rate that we urge you to take advantage of.

Many homeowners scoff at the idea of gas piping replacement in Calgary, AB. They assume that their natural gas lines and appliances will last forever. While we can help them last for as long as possible, there are absolutely cases where your gas lines need to be sensibly replaced. Let’s try and do that before any gas leaks into your home or your gas appliances start having trouble.

Gas Piping Repair

Perhaps you just need targeted repairs? Not every gas appliance or gas line needs to be replaced when it runs into an issue. Our team specializes in gas piping repair services, as well as gas piping maintenance, so we can work on preventing any large expenses down the line while targeting the components that need to be fixed. Remember, we’re certified, licensed, and insured—so you have nothing to worry about when you call us to address your gas lines.

This type of work should only be entrusted to a specialist like the ones on our team. We can’t emphasize this enough. Your home is precious to you, and improperly repaired, maintained, or installed gas lines can make or break a dream home. Get this type of repair need addressed by a team of professionals that are looking out for your best interest in Calgary, AB. Call us today!


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