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Calgary, AB Main Water Line Services

Water is an important part of your home in Calgary, AB. How would you shower, cook, run your humidifier, or do anything else without a steady stream of clean and hot water into your home? Well, if you have a faulty main water line or the main water line that’s been improperly installed by an amateur, the safety and security of your water line come into question.

Here at Shift Air, we’re more than able to handle all of your home’s water needs with the touch of our expertise and experience. We won’t be afraid to tell you what we think about your main water line problems, because we’re honest. We’ve been serving this community since 2009, and it’s important that we provide quality work where it’s needed. Take advantage of our workmanship guarantee today!

Shift Air tests, doesn’t guess. Let us install your main water line for an affordable rate today.


Main Water Line Installation

Do you know what comes with a faulty main water line installation? Years of headaches, emergency plumbing calls, and a league of leaks and problems that you’re better off without. We’re not just saying that to scare you, we’re trying to push you into making an informed decision when it comes to your main water line installation needs. This is not a system that can be played around with, with untrained hands.

Our master plumbers have been working on main water lines for years. We know everything about the materials we use, the pressure involved, and ways to make things last long into the future. Our main water line installation work lasts, and it’s backed up by our workmanship guarantee and emergency phone line support so you can feel comfortable knowing you made the right call.

Main Water Line Replacement

Sometimes old or faulty main water lines need to be replaced. This is just a fact of life. You can spend the next ten years trying to repair or fix the constant and expensive problems that come with a problematic main water line. Main water line replacement services can help you avoid this problem altogether. By replacing your faulty water line system, we can set up a new water line that works and doesn’t need as much help as the old one. Replacement can absolutely be a great option for your comfort and your budget.

Here in Calgary, AB, your main water line is one of the most important components of your home, so why would you risk dealing with a faulty system for years on end? Replacing the system can end the onslaught of repair woes and get you set on the right track. Just call us today.

Main Water Line Repair

Sometimes you don’t need a new main water line installed in your home. Instead, you just want targeted repairs performed by a competent plumber. We get it. In fact, we wouldn’t offer a workmanship guarantee with our main water line repair services if we didn’t! Our team has what it takes to repair your main water line effectively and quickly today.

Still not satisfied? Neither are we. That’s why we provide main water line maintenance and install or repair automatic shut off valves to mitigate problems in the future. You can rest assured with our team that you’ll never run into a problem we can’t fix or at least warn you about ahead of time. Invest in preventative maintenance for your plumbing system today by calling our Calgary, AB team.

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