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Calgary, AB Plumbing Installation and Replacement

So your home’s drains are constantly clogging and your pipes are leaking every other weekend. This is what we would call, in the plumbing industry, a disaster. Don’t worry, it’s not your fault. You’ve probably been shafted by amateur plumbers offering you reliable plumbing installation services, only to have them use cheap materials that go kaput in a couple of years.

Those days are over! Here at Shift Air, we only work with brand names that we trust and plumbing materials that are built to last like PVC, copper, and aluminum. We will find the specific long-term solution for your home through a consultation that allows us to learn what’s important when it comes to your plumbing needs. Call us for your plumbing installation and replacement needs, we promise we’ll get the job done right.

We’ve got what it takes to get your plumbing installed the right way. Shift Air tests, doesn’t guess!


Plumbing Installation

Getting a new plumbing installation performed on your home is a huge responsibility. As a homeowner, this can be so stressful. Trying to get your home’s plumbing installed the right way so that it lasts for decades or more is going to give you headaches and keep you up at night. Try working with our team so you can see the difference in professional, responsible care.

Our plumbing installation services are guaranteed and our master plumbers are licensed to do the work you need. We’ve garnered a reputation here in Calgary, AB for quality plumbing work and excellent customer serviceè—and we intend to keep it this way. Don’t be afraid to try something new, call our team of pros today!

Plumbing Replacement

How old are your plumbing appliances in Calgary, AB? What are your pipes made of? If you don’t know the answers to those questions, then you might need our help with plumbing replacement services. Homes that still utilize galvanized pipes, or have plumbing appliances like water treatment systems from the 80s need to be revamped by a team of professionals.

If you want your plumbing to last well into the future, for the sake of you and your family, call our team of pros. We can replace the old and outdated plumbing fixtures in your bathroom and kitchen, as well as those pipes that exist in hard to reach areas of your home, and set you up with a system that works.

Call Us Today

We’re not in this business to score an extra buck or sell particular products. We provide a whole-home solution to plumbing systems that allow you to rest easy for decades or more. We want to limit the number of times you need to call for emergency plumbing and keep things running smoothly for as long as possible. Does that sound good?

Call us today! Our phone lines are open 24/7 and our professional master plumbers are more than happy to help you with your plumbing needs.

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