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Calgary, AB Repiping Services

How do you know if you need repiping services? Well, it might be simpler than you think. If your pipes are constantly leaking, bursting, falling apart, or there’s something wrong with your water, then you could use professional repiping services. Before you call your neighborhood handyman, let us warn you that amateur repiping services can be a terrible decision in the best of cases.

We’re not going to beat around the bush. Shift Air is the premier team for all repiping services in Calgary, AB. Our prices may be higher than your family friend charges, but our master plumbers come with high levels of training and expertise to allow for a better performance of the job you need. We’re a local company, but that doesn’t mean we can’t offer you better customer service and a workmanship guarantee!

Shift Air tests, doesn’t guess. Call us for your repiping services today!


Pipe Installation

You might think that pipe installation or pipe repair is a boring subject that doesn’t require our attention. You might be right, until you’re face to face with a plumbing system that’s falling apart and pipes that are riddled with pinhole leaks and clogs. We want you to be as involved in the process of pipe installation as you want, while our professional expertise takes your home’s comfort to new levels.

We provide affordable, effective pipe installation for the Calgary, AB community because of just how important it is. Homeowners can’t afford to work with amateurs for this type of service, precisely because you’ll be dealing with the repercussions for years to come. Don’t set your pipes on a path towards leaks and clogs, get them addressed by the best professionals in the area. Call us!

Pipe Replacement

Sometimes pipes that are too old, in terrible condition, or that are made of the wrong materials need to be replaced. Pipe replacement isn’t as simple as drain repair, but it’s almost more necessary because of the risk that ancient pipes pose. Your old galvanized steel pipes are probably starting to rust, which can cause problems for your appliances, your health, and your home’s plumbing reliability.

Our pipe replacement services are affordable and quick. We don’t spend all day in your home replacing pipes unless we have to, and even then you’ll be getting the most thorough work possible. Our workmanship guarantee applies directly to our repiping services so you know that you’re getting satisfaction with our service. Give our Calgary, AB team a call today to experience the next level of plumbing service.

Whole-Home Repiping

You probably shuddered when we mentioned galvanized steel piping, since your home’s plumbing system might be entirely composed of old galvanized steel pipes! Don’t worry, we perform whole home repiping as well, so that your entire home can be upgraded to copper, PVC, or another type of material that works for you.

Don’t settle for the leaks, clogs, and bursting pipes that you’ve been dealing with for decades. There is always another way, and with the team at Shift Air, we’re here to provide it for you. Call our professionals today to take advantage of our guarantee and our 24/7 emergency phone service so you can get our attention when you need it.


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